On Makerspaces…

“A Redesigned dog bowl was the solution to slowing down my dog at meal time.”  Marybeth
Makerspace Basics:
  • Makerspaces are not just about computer technology.
  • A makerspace is unique to its community- School, museum, or library.
  • Everyone can participate in makerspace –younger children, school- aged students, high school students, and adults.
  • Enthusiasm is very important, and creating a makerspace culture that values what a makerspace can do for a school, museum,  library, or community is especially important. Defining and imparting these values to the community is necessary.
  • Makerspaces can start small. They do not have to be huge endeavors that require large budgets.
  • Makerspaces are about open-endedness. Yet, they can be driven by skills and themes. As a museum, language arts, librarian professional, I like that I can incorporate my love of history and literature into my makerspace.

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