Recommended Reading

In the wake of recent events surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of Minneapolis Police Department officers on May 25th, librarians all over the country are bringing attention to books that tell the story of racism in America. One such list of books, compiled by the University of Chicago, includes 11 recommendations. These books are written from a variety of perspectives and disciplines and are intended to shed light on forms of institutional racism that have impacted life in America:

Books have the power to educate and enlighten, and as people decry the death of George Floyd and search for answers in these turbulent times,  the exploration and understanding of the institutional-level underpinnings that have supported racism and injustice against Black people and all People of Color in America is important in the search for meaningful solutions that can bring about real societal change. Check out your local library for other books, particularly ebooks that can be read at home, that explore issues related to racism in America.

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